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Name:Archive of LJ Beta_team community
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This community is currently deactivated


This is not just another place to post completed stories.

This is a group to encourage the development/improvement of writing in general and A-Team stories specifically. By joining this group you are accepting the responsibility to contribute to it. This includes reading other stories and giving honest useful feedback to the writers, and by accepting that all feedback that is given to your own stories is constructive criticism for you to use (or not use) as you so wish.

The principle here is that while, of course, everyone is free to disagree with suggestions people make, you should at least be open to the idea that your fic might not be perfect and ready to archive. Comments should be polite but honest. If something isn't working for you, the author can't address that if you don't speak up.

Almost any type of A-Team story is welcome here, only Real Person Fic is excluded. Stories based on the characters only, not the actors, please. We welcome slash, gen, het, death fics, AU, comedy - and at any point of development, from basic bunny to nearly complete (ie, ready for final editing). Or if you're stuck on some plot point part way through a story, you can ask for advice on how to get "unstuck". You can ask about characterisation, canon etc, or other more specific brainstorming say for a planned fic, asking if what you want the character to do seems right for that character etc. This includes "spoilers" if you need to see how/if a particular scene or direction might work with the ending you have in mind.

In other words, this is a place for those writers who want to enjoy their writing and still put out as good a story as they can, and for writers and readers who are willing to help them do so.



All entries must be posted here, rather than linked to your own journal. This is to ensure confidentiality not only for you, but for those who wish to comment. They should also be behind an LJ cut, even if it's only a drabble. This will help keep the main page from getting too cluttered.

WIPs must include the usual headers including disclaimers, ratings and warnings as appropriate. Headers should be outside the cut, so if it's something that someone does *not* want to read or review (slash, death fic or whatever), they know immediately.

NOTE: With the movie now out, please note if your fic is based on the "Show" or on the "Movie". Please bear in mind that not everyone has yet seen the movie, so you may not get as many responses (due to possible spoilers) or you may have to respond to questions of canon - both of which should eventually change as more people see the movie.

Example header:

Canon: Show/Movie

The order they come isn't too important and a summary could be left off for a work in progress if you like. And you can add anything like an additional author's notes.

But rating, warnings (if appropriate) and disclaimer are essential! Please put the header outside of the cut.

All entries should have a title, even if it's just a working title. This will make it much easier for people to find your posts later.

Posting of multiple chapter/part stories should be confined to one chapter/part every 2-3 days at most. People are more inclined to comment on five chapters posted over two weeks than five chapters posted in one day. Please include links back to previous chapters.



Either the title or distinguishing main word from the title, as well as the author's name should always be included in the tags.

Other - warnings (ie, slash, death)? I'll leave the rest up to you guys ;-)



This is strictly a "members only" community. No one can see your posts who is not a member of this group. Discussions of other people's bunnies, WIPs, problems, etc stay on the community unless you are communicating directly with the author - and only with the author. Anyone found to be discussing or using another author's "property" without their permission will be banned permanently from this community.


Active/Inactive Members

Members that haven't contributed in some form during a 3 month period will be contacted to check on why the lack of activity and, if appropriate, put on hiatus until they're able to come back more actively. If you are going to be too busy to join in for a while, one of the mods should be contacted and you'll be put on the inactive members list; when you are ready to come back, just let us know and you'll be put back on active member status.


New members check out this introductions post and tell us about yourself!

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